Did you know just a few people made millions and of course Some people make their daily pays with poker, and most poker players earn more than 95% of the average earners in America. 

Previously people used to see poker players as individuals gambling away their money. However, things have changed a bit, and these days many people have proven poker playing to be a major source of income and a professional career. Some people make their daily pays with poker, and most poker players earn more than 95% of the average earners in America. An average professional poker player can make as little as $10,000 or a whopping $1,000,000 a year depending on how much commitment and passion dedicated to the game.

Poker is a kind of game that doesn’t just require only personal skills; to be successful one has to possess the ability to be calm and calculated, and to be able to know when to bluff the opponent.

Here is a list of the top ten highest professional poker earners to further illustrate how big people earn on poker worldwide.

Joe Hachem $12 Million

Joe Hachem used to be a prominent alternative specialist in the treatment of spinal and mechanical disorder of the musculoskeletal system before he discovered the kind of money poker could be making for him. Though he won a lot of tournament including the whopping $7.5 million price from the poker world series. Though his however, due to his health he had to walk away from the game. Joe made over $12 million from poker.

Jamie Gold $13 Million

Jamie is a renowned name in the poker business. He can change from an aggressive mood to a more conservative state in the course of a poker game as far as it is to his own advantage. But he does all this in absolute calmness, which shows how good and confident he is about the game. He is a many times decorated world champion and has over $13 million to his name.

John Juanda $13.2 Million

Juanda is the most prominent poker player in Indonesia, he is also into other businesses and athletics, but his main thing is the poker. He is always cool and calculated no matter the situation he is into. He is a three-time world champion with over $13.2 million to his name.

Michael Mizrachi 14 Million

Mizrachi is such a passionate and sensitive poker player who goes by the nickname “Grinder.” One’s first meeting with the high staking player who has not won many major World Series titles will change your mind if you ever thought that poker players are not passionate. He has over $14 million to his name.

Phil Ivey $15 Million

Interestingly at 23 years old Ivey has proven himself as a dominant force in the poker business worldwide. He has already won three major world poker bracelets. He is currently the youngest poker player in all sections, and his $15 million net worth will likely rise over the years

Daniel Negreanu $16 Million

Daniel dropped from college to further his poker career and gained more knowledge that made him to be a calm and calculated poker player who started at a very young age and is being admired and regarded by young poker players as a role model. Daniel has over $16 million to his name.

Phil Hellmuth $16 Million

Phil is a household name for poker enthusiasts, his calmness and abilities have made poker enthusiasts to liken him to other legendary sports stars like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. His achievements are enormous, and he has over $16 million to his name.

Sam Trickett $17 Million

Trickett is a prominent poker player who has been in the game since 2005 and has over eight major world tournaments to his name. He has become a household name in the poker business since abandoning his football career due to persistent injuries. He currently has over $17 million to his name.

Antonio Esfandiari $23 million

Antonio’s outstanding and amazing skills and abilities have proven him to be a renowned poker player in the world. His unique and different approach to the game and most especially his bold decision-making skills have made him flourish in the game. These qualities have made him so hard to predict. He is currently the second richest poker player with over $23 million to his name.

Erik Seidel $40 Million

Erik is the most successful and respected poker player in the whole world. His various achievements in the poker business are too numerous and unbelievable. He is worth over $40 million, though he also invests in the stocks business yet most of his wealth comes from the poker business. He is the top richest professional poker player in the world.

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