Your winning rate as a player must be high for whatever type of game you choose to play.  

It is the dream of many people to play poker for a living. People see poker as a game that gives freedom as well as a lot of financial gains… Don’t Dream. Lets Play Poker

It is the dream of many people to play poker for a living. People see poker as a game that gives freedom as well as a lot of financial gains, making poker look like a very lucrative career option. Nonetheless, there are people that are apparently doing better than you.

There are many challenges a professional poker player faces. It is important to be sure of the decision to leave the safety of a regular job to start playing poker in order to make a living. If you have always wanted to become a poker player, here are the top 10 signs that show you no longer want to play poker for fun but as a professional. See if any of these signs resonate with you.

You have a high track record of winning

This is actually the first thing you have to consider. Before you go full time playing poker, you need to know how frequent you win playing for fun. Anyone would want to say he or she is a good player, but if you’re about to make a decision that could change your whole life, you have to be sure you are a serial winner. 

It is not hard to check your results if are used to playing poker online. It doesn’t matter if you have been playing locally, you can check your results online with the help of any of the tracking websites out there or you can use poker software. You should be winning most games for whatever type of game you choose to play. If you can’t see your results in the black, or you have not played for a long time, reconsider going full time and play more games to see how you perform.

Your capital is huge

Bankrolls are important to professional poker players in this business. While those that play for fun might not be bothered about losing money a couple of times because they can make up for the losses using money made from their regular jobs, professionals poker players don’t have that leverage.

Ensure that you have sufficient funds set aside for whatever game type you choose to play before you go full time on poker. Don’t rush it if you don’t have enough cash ready. Consider taking your time to gather enough funds in order to give yourself a very big chance to do well when you finally decide to go full time.

Playing poker gives you joy

Playing poker for a living is different from playing for fun. Once you decide to start playing professionally, poker will become your main source of income and you’ll want to play daily. If you enjoy playing poker and you feel you can play up to seven days a week, then professional poker is for you. 

You like to take the game very serious

The ability to play poker is not inborn; you learn it. Even though natural talent will put you at an advantage, the best way to succeed as a professional player is by improving your game constantly and always staying one step ahead of the competition. If you enjoy studying different programs for poker training, it’s a sign that you might be ready to start playing professionally. 

You have funds set aside

It is important to have some money set aside if you plan to play poker full time. Even if you play well and have a huge fund, things can go wrong. You don’t want to be using your funds to take care of your daily costs. It is recommended that you have up to six months of your day-to-day expenses covered to give yourself a great chance of succeeding before you start playing full time. 

You’re ready to make the switch

Playing poker professionally will have a huge impact on your life. Get ready for those changes. You can ask your friends who play poker full time or read it up on different poker forums. These changes are huge and demand that you create a schedule for yourself, select the best poker sites to play on, and stick to the schedule. This can sometimes be a lonely and very hard experience. Also, playing poker comes with the territory, so be prepared before making the switch.

You feel confident about the decision to start playing professionally

You have to be absolutely confident about the decisions you make if you want to do well as a professional poker player. Sometimes it is difficult to handle the pressure from people around, including all the changes previously mentioned above. Those around you should support your decision, as it is the right thing to do. But understand that those who do not play poker may judge you wrongly. It is up to you to not feel guilty about it and stick to your decision.

You want to continue to improve

Understand that as a professional poker player, you have to develop and improve yourself constantly even if you’re playing well at the moment. As time goes on, you might find that there is a need for you to learn how to play another format or a new game entirely, such as Pot Limit Omaha. As a professional player, losing money all the time is a no-no because your livelihood depends on it, unlike a recreational player.

You understand variance

Many people do not actually know what variance is and how brutal it can be, although we all seem to be familiar with the term. Like a good poker player, all you want to do is be at alert and on your “A” game every time. If you want to start playing poker full time, you should know how variance works and get ready for the worst rather than get a harsh reality check along the line.

To give yourself a great chance to succeed, take your time to pool funds together.

There is a backup plan in place 

Even if the 9 signs above apply to you, it is important to always have a backup plan in place. Since you’re risking your financial future, have some backup should something go wrong even though people will sometimes tell you to give it a try. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry will become a professional player. Although you are making money, you might not even like poker. This is why it is important to have something you can fall back on should something go wrong.

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