Actually, with the prevalence of the Internet, the real question is whether it is possible to make loads of cash playing online poker in particular. Here is the answer…

Many people keep asking about the profitability of playing poker in 2019. Actually, with the prevalence of the Internet, the real question is whether it is possible to make loads of cash playing online poker in particular.

The answer to this question is yes. You can make lots of money playing poker in 2019. Nevertheless, it is a little harder to make money playing poker today than it was in the past. To play the game well and earn money from it, you need to do a lot of studying and this takes hard work. Despite the many challenges surrounding poker including game toughness and government interference, the game is still popular and lucrative.

Here we highlight the reasons that make poker a profitable game today and tips on how to make more money at tables.

Playing poker is harder today than it was years ago.

Unlike a few years ago, today, poker games are almost unbeatable. Today’s games are very difficult to beat. Consequently, many players have either given up or lost all their money while others have simply stepped their game. There are still so many exceptions that players can maximize on especially when it comes to lower stakes games.

All these changes have generally led to a reduction in the number of players. This also means that there is a small number out there investing their money in the game. To keep poker alive, it is therefore important to continually introduce new players to the game.

The most amazing time in the history of poker was between 2003 and 2011. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker became the WSOP champion while in 2003 the US market experienced poker’s Black Friday. During this poker boom period, everyone including celebrities could be seen playing poker and the game was on TV each and every night. Essentially, poker was the most “fashionable” thing during this period. At the moment it is almost impossible for the world to experience another poker boom unless someday the game massively hits Asia and to be more specific in China.

The poker boom period was the most lucrative time to play poker due to the huge number of players. Nevertheless, during this period there were numerous loose games and bad players. For instance, you could find some people who have no idea about poker rules playing at limits such as $5/$10 or $10/$20 on a table with several thousand dollars on a table. There is a significant difference between today’s pokers games and those played during the boom particularly from 2003 to 2006 the poker games. As great as this period was, it is highly unlikely that there will ever be another poker boom.

Normalcy after the Poker Boom

After the poker boom, things returned to normal and 2019 can be said to be a normal poker period. It is worth mentioning that poker is quite ancient. The game was first played in the nineteenth century in the region near the Mississippi River. Furthermore, the game has been widely played in casinos by both amateurs and experts for a really long time. Even though today poker is not as popular as it was during the poker boom period from 2003 to 2011, the game is still more prevalent than it was years before the boom. Poker still has a huge fan base irrespective of whether they play the game at home, or at online casinos. Nevertheless, the game is not as appealing to the many people the way video games and movies.

Actually, many people perceive poker as the kind of game that is based on sheer luck like most casino games. However, this is not true because playing poker requires skill. When you master the game, you can easily beat other players. First, you have to eliminate the notion that winning is a matter of luck because this kind of ignorance puts you at a disadvantage. This perception stops the game from becoming as appealing to a large number of people as it did during the boom.

To introduce many new players to the game, there is the need to break down the misconception by the general public that the game of poker is a gambling game. This is important because the more the players the more lucrative the game becomes.

Poker Remains Popular And Highly Profitable

Even though many people trivialize the magnitude of the poker industry, today, millions of people around the world play poker and while at it make a lot of money. Just because, we do not see celebrities playing poker or have the game shown on TV every night does not mean that the game is popular or fun. Many people from countries such the US, England, Canada, Australia, and France just enjoy playing poker. In some countries, poker is a culture and tradition that is passed down from one generation to another. Over the years, poker has become popular in countries such as Brazil, Russia, Hungary, and Poland. Additionally, the game of poker is being embraced in Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Generally, there is a growing interest in the game of poker around the world. The growing global interest in poker means that new players will continually be joining the game and the more the number of players the more lucrative the game becomes. Therefore, all you need to do is master the game to be able to beat other players.

When it comes to profitability, today, good poker players who play often can easily make several thousand dollars every month by playing online micro-stakes cash games. High-stakes and mid-stakes games are more difficult to beat but can be beaten with practice and consistency. Every year, some phenomenal players climb to higher stakes and cash in up to 7 figures. Such achievements are not by chance but by hard work and lots of effort.

Advantages of Playing Live Poker

Apart from being different, live poker games are lucrative almost anywhere in the world in 2019. This is particularly true when it comes to lower stakes poker games since online games are much harder to beat compared to live games. Actually, this fact is unlikely to change even in the coming years. Games at lower limits are often similar to online games that were probably played a decade ago. You will find different bad players that you easily use to your advantage. Additionally, live poker is rarely affected by problems like government meddling and player pool segregation that have recently interfered with online poker. Therefore, live games keep improving and players can gradually increase their winning rate.

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