Blackjack is one of the most exciting table games there is. Whether you are in United States, UK or even in Australia, you can always enjoy this casino game in licensed and regulated casinos. 

Blackjack is not difficult to master – you just need some time to learn blackjack rules, to count cards and to beat the dealer. Anything from the blackjack card to blackjack app you play in matters in an online game.  

Still, the blackjack rules are the same regardless of the table minimum or your location: whether you are in the United States, UK or even in Sweden doesn’t affect the blackjack rules either.  

For your information, a table minimum is a minimum bet you make to play blackjack – with table minimum casinos ensure that they are getting paid. Minimum bet could be anything from $0.5 to $20, depending on online blackjack game or blackjack app. After you make the minimum bet you can enjoy blackjack. 

Regardless of what the casino offers, from the table minimum to the payouts, you should know blackjack rules. The blackjack strategy people use can vary, though: 4-deck to 8-deck strategy, high-low card counting strategy, and overall usage of the blackjack chart is among the differences.  

To understand what this casino game is all about we will share with you the basics of the online blackjack game. Get blackjack rules and blackjack strategy under your sleeve, build upon that knowledge and play blackjack to win real money.   

Best online casinos

Best online casinos