How To Play Online Baccarat Game And Always Win!

Why should you read this Baccarat Step-By-Step Guide? 

Anyone who loves gambling knows what baccarat is. This game is very attractive both for newbies and professional online casino players.  

If you are interested in baccarat, then you should know all about baccarat, from playing the game to baccarat strategy. That’s why we devised this guide for online gamblers like you. Here you will learn about baccarat rules, cheat sheets and baccarat online. 

If you use this guide you can get a high opportunity to win prizes at top rated online casinos.  

Who is this baccarat guide for? 

This baccarat guide is for anyone who wants to know baccarat rules, to practice the game and to become better at online gambling. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced baccarat player, you can increase your baccarat knowledge and win real money.  

So, if you want to play baccarat and improve your game, then this guide is for you!  

Baccarat rules – how to play and win real money 

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The basics of baccarat game  

For online baccarat you need four, six or eight deck of cards shuffled together. Up to 14 players can join the baccarat game at the same time, yet the number of people playing the casino game is not so important because you play only against the house edge. Also, the majority of land-based and online casinos offer mini baccarat rather than full baccarat game.  

In online baccarat you have three betting options: punto, banco and tie. Punto is the player, banco is the banker and tie is the draw. Usually, online gamblers refrain from betting on the tie because of its high casino advantage. In other words, the tie doesn’t offer the best odds.  

Still, the tie bet pays either 8 to 1 or 9 to 1, whereas player and banker bets pay 1 to 1. Remember that in the banker bet online casino receives 5% commission.  

The objective of this casino game is to bet on the winning outcome. You win with a hand value closer to 9 - it could be 8 or 9, both of which are known as naturals.  

How to win baccarat – basic hand totals 

Now let’s look at the cases that occur when playing either premium or free baccarat game with your first two cards.  

The first case is a hand value of 8 or 9, aka natural. For example, if you bet on the banker and the banker got the natural (a hand value of 8 or 9) then you win. Though, you still have to pay 5% commission as stated above.  

The second case is the tie with naturals, that is both the banker and the player get the same hand total of 8 or 9.  

What does it mean? When you play baccarat it's either the banker wins or the player wins but here, neither hand wins. 

Anything else is a special case – it might lead to standing or drawing the third card from a deck of cards. And keep in mind that the player hand goes first in online baccarat.  

You don’t have to know baccarat rule to play this card game because the dealer does all the job. So, it’s not the players who decide whether to draw or to stand. Also, baccarat rule is visually available both in a land-based and online casino. Thus, complete beginners can play online baccarat as they don’t need to memorize baccarat rule: the more they practice the better they will know how to play online baccarat.  

The flow of the baccarat: playing the game 

baccarat game

When the game starts you make your bet, be it mini baccarat or usual card game on baccarat table. As you know the players have three betting options: they bet on the banker hand, on player hand or tie between player and banker.  

Then the dealer must deal the cards – two cards each for player and banker. Afterwards, the dealer makes playing the game easier for the gamblers: based on the hand totals, wins or losses are determined. 

Let me give you an example. Say you take $10 and bet on the banker hand. Then you see hand totals: banker’s hand value is 9 and the player’s hand value is 8. 

What is the outcome? 

You win! And you get extra $10, so in total, you leave baccarat game with $20.  

Hand totals: what is hidden in the deck of cards 

Here baccarat game is getting a lot more interesting. Cards with their numbers from 2 to 9 have their face values. For example, a card with 2 on it has a value of 2.  

An ace has a hand value of 1. Then, 10 and face cards have a value of 0, which is a bit different from a usual card game. For your information, face cards are those that have a character on them: king, queen and jack are all face cards.  

Let’s say you got two cards, 8 and 7. You might think that your hand’s value is 15. But not exactly.  

In baccarat, you remove the first digit of the two-digit number. That is, here your card value is 5 instead of 15.  

Another example: you have 9 and 10. Then your hand’s value is not 19, it is 9 because you drop the first digit.  

Let’s take another case. Your hand is 1 and 6. Thus, your total hand value is 7. You don’t drop anything as this number has only one digit.  

So, traditionally, the value of face cards and 10 is 10. But because you don’t need the first digit, it is counted as 0. And, in the case of the ace you are left with a single 1 because its value is 11.   

Remember that the word baccarat refers to a card or hand, which is worth 0. Thus, the best you could get out of this card game is 9, aka natural.  

All in all, don’t be afraid of baccarat game be it mini baccarat or usual online baccarat. You don’t have to involve card counting or learn anything by heart. You can play just as good as any professional online baccarat player and take advantage of low casino edge and the best odds.  

Baccarat game: side bets 

You don’t have to make the main bets in baccarat – to bet on the banker hand is not a must. Instead, side bets are enough to play online baccarat. Plus, they make the card game a lot more interesting.  

Here are the options you have for side bets: Player Pair, Banker Pair, Perfect Pair, Either Pair, or Big and Small. 

Let’s look at these side bets more closely.  

The first two are easy: they occur if the initial two cards dealt to the player are of the same rank. In case you make a side bet for Banker Pair, you win when the cards dealt to the player are of the same rank. Say, if the player gets two queens, then you win thanks to your side bet.  

Perfect pair requires more luck – you get it when the dealers deal the cards of the same suit and the same rank to the player or banker. And the payout is 25 to 1.   

Either pair or any pair happens when either the player or the banker get a pair. Say, you bet on the banker hand and you get two nines or two jacks – numbered or face cards – then you have either pair or any pair.   

Big and small bets are easier. Your Big bet wins when the total of the banker’s and player’s hand equals 5 or 6, whereas your Small bet wins if the total hand value is 4.  

The availability of side bets and the variety of payouts depend on the online casino. You better consult with the online casino of your choice.  

Overall, with side bets, you have more betting options, thus high opportunity to win money and to enjoy the baccarat game.   

Basic baccarat strategy: cheat sheet for baccarat rules

card counting

This cheat sheet is among the FAQ in baccarat. But it’s not really a cheat sheet – whether you bet on the banker hand or choose players bet, the dealer plays according to the baccarat rule above. Still, if you are curious about what is going on in this card game, read on.  

Baccarat rules on the sheet explain the three hand cases mentioned above: the first two cases with naturals and the third special case. Plus, the rules are different for player and banker.  

When it comes to players bet, it’s easy.  

If the hand value is 6 or 7 then the player stands. Rest of the time the player draws. In this case, the rest of the time means hand totals from 0 to 5. As 8 and 9 are naturals, we don’t count them in.  

After the player, it’s the time for the banker to play.  

A hand value of 7 means that the banker must stand. With a hand value from 0 to 2, the banker must draw.  

With the hand value from 3 to 6 the banker either draws a third card or stands depending on the card of the player.  

Remember that these are the basics: when you play at brick and mortar or online casino, you can always access the cheat sheet. 

Basic baccarat strategy: playing the game to win 

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1. Choose the best online casino that you like 

Playing the game starts with the right casino. By this, I mean a licensed and regulated online casino, which operates legally and provides the player with additional benefits, such as FAQ and 24 hours customer service.  

Your wins or losses depend not only on the face cards or hand totals; online casino you play in does make a difference. So, next time you ponder on which casino to choose, look through our list or make an informed choice yourself.  

2. Perfect the baccarat rules  

Baccarat is different from a standard card game – there’s not much to learn plus it’s not necessarily skill-based. The dealers deal the cards, and you are left with thinking what the best odds for you would be. So, you should be aware of what’s going on in the baccarat game.  

Keep in mind that the online casino is different from a brick and mortar casino. In a land-based casino you can ask anything that is unclear to you. However, when you play baccarat online, you have to gamble fast because internet casino doesn’t wait for you to make up your mind. Therefore, you should know the baccarat rule beforehand: it includes the flow of the game, betting options and hand totals.  

This applies both to mini baccarat and usual baccarat with many players.  

3. Should you go for players bet instead of the tie? 

You might think that the tie has the best odds just because it offers the most attractive payout in the baccarat game. But the probability of the tie is pretty low.  

Though some players bet on tie too instead of player and banker, this betting option has the highest casino edge in the card game and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t offer the best odds. 

That’s why focus on safer betting options, especially when you are just starting out. Bet on player and banker – you’ll be surprised how much you can win with this baccarat strategy. 

4. Don’t try card counting just yet 

Yes, card counting is possible in baccarat but not necessarily in an online casino. You’ll just lose time while making sense of the cards.  

Card counting doesn’t affect your wins or losses. It doesn’t matter how the dealer chooses to deal the cards because hand totals consisting of your preferred cards are far from common. What players bet on is important – card counting doesn’t have much to do with online baccarat.  

5. How to win in baccarat game?  

Wins or losses in online baccarat is partially a matter of luck. But it doesn’t mean that you should hide your card counting or refrain from playing the game.  

The upside of online baccarat is that the casino edge is small – even smaller than in roulette or slots.  

So, you can win in online baccarat. Still, always keep in mind that in the long run, the house is the ultimate winner.  

Where to play baccarat - top rated online casinos 

bet on the banker hand

One of FAQ is where to play baccarat. The answer depends on why you will be playing the game. If you are new to baccarat game and want to practice it, we recommend starting with free online baccarat. This way you choose to play mini baccarat, try out betting options, and understand the hand totals.  

Moreover, you may practice baccarat at home with a deck of cards. All you should know is how to deal the cards, baccarat rule, and basic baccarat strategy. After you understand the idea behind tie, player and banker as well as estimate what players bet on, you will make better choices when playing the game in an online or land-based casino.  

Thanks to a deck of cards, you can easily practice baccarat game. However, this doesn’t give you a high opportunity to win real money. So, if you want the casino to offer real money from gambling, you should start playing baccarat online as soon as you get the hang of the game.  

You may trust your knowledge of baccarat rule and baccarat strategy if you have been regularly playing the game. Then it’s a better idea to check the list of licensed and regulated online casinos.  

After all, baccarat is worth the try – the card game is not hard to learn and it’s even easier to win real money while playing the game. Tell us what you think about online baccarat as well as our baccarat rule and baccarat strategy guide. Plus, let us know what else you’d love to learn about baccarat game – we will look at the FAQ and come back to you.  

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