The great news is that more flexibility is now given to online casinos to operate freely and lawfully too. Here are the details

Should European internet casino gamblers expect a better turnout in 2019?

Below are the possible modifications in the general regulations.

There have been several changes since the introduction of online gambling over two decades ago. There has been a great influence on the ever increasing changes in technologies in this sector. These technologies have been ever-present and active in features like the devices used and the internet user interface and the way these gambling are carried out.

It is also crucial to note that these modifications have always been adopted to better the internet gambling experience for the players.

It is easy to say that user interface and usability has now increased with every technological introduction. There has been easy access and more advanced features and better offers than it used to be some years ago. A good instance is the sheer number of EU casinos that are offering no deposit bonuses.

The challenges of innovation vs. legislation

As with other industries, the internet gambling sector also experiences difficulties with finding the balance between innovations and legislation.

  • Here are some of the reasons.
  • The steady technological advancement is not present in the legislative sector.
  • Internet gambling regulation was recently introduced by some nations.
  • The passing of these regulations is usually difficult because the government policies have to be balanced for taxation and suitability for internet gamblers.
  • Implement bigger levy and demand will be channeled towards illegal gambling.

2019 is set to bring about a rapidly increased regulation in most European nations; however, the main issue is to understand if these regulations will be friendlier to internet gamblers hence increasing the local and international internet gambling companies with friendly taxation too.

Let us see some legislative predictions of some European nations this year.

Belarus – recently legalized and applications can be made in 2019

Barely looking at Belarus, a stranger will assume the nation to be such a paradise looking at how long the same person has governed them for over twenty years now (Aleksander Lukashenko).

Mr. Lukshenko recently implemented a bill that has now made internet gambling legal in Belarus, and this bill was passed after it was introduced by the Belarus Minister of Taxes and Levies.

The bill states that people of ages 21 and above are qualified to play as far as they have passed some identification tests. This is a good development because operators can now apply for valid license to operate legally in Belarus.

Sadly, due to the compromise on gambling being a forbidden thing creates a lot of difficulties to easily forecast the obtainable revenue potentials, however for a nation with a population of over ten million people, the potential for a better outcome cannot be ruled out.

Czech Republic jumps on board and starts to accept foreign operators

The Czech Republic chamber of deputy’s parliament recently passed a bill that will allow the modification and enhancement and a possible override of their existing Gambling Act passed in 1990.

Though the internet gambling has been practiced in Czech for a long time, it did not get to its true potentials due to the monopolistic state of the sector and most especially the banning of international operators to operate freely.

It is a good thing that this new bill will accommodate international operators and gamblers as far as they are fully licensed to operate. Due to this development 2019 is looking like a potentially great year for internet gamblers, great revenue will be generated due to the ever-increasing demand in this sector.

The new bill will feature three separate features though it has not being passed to the Senate so that the executive can finally implement it. However, policymakers are pretty confident of the bill being passed by the executive as soon as possible.

The Czech Ministry of Finance issues the licenses to interested international companies that wish to operate in Czech, and they also agree on terms for taxation rates through the duration of the license which is only for about six years only.

ISP takes full control of the whole process by whitelisting the internet websites that have gotten their license and also blocking the noncompliant gambling websites.

Slovakia to loosen restrictions around online gambling

Slovakia is taking a positive step in 2019 to abolish or modify most of their unfriendly and harsh internet gambling regulations to pave the way for further potentials in this sector.

The current regulation was adopted in 2005 and is still running without better modification which has led to so many unlawful evictions of some gambling ventures. A better example of this situation is the blacklisting of bet365 and 888 which are amongst the biggest names in the gambling sector.

The Slovakian internet gambling sector is at a sheer percentage of about 23%. The slow pace of things in the Slovakian internet gambling sector has discouraged both local and international internet ventures from applying for a license to operate in Slovakia.

Sweden is expected to make huge gambling regulation changes in 2019

The dominant system of internet gambling practiced in Sweden is proving to be detrimental to the Swedish gambling sector. A recent study conducted by the Swedish government has proven that there is a pressing need for them to replace the current monopolistic practice to a more free and liberal system.

If a more liberal system is adopted, it will give them a better chance to boost their internet gambling sector and increase revenue because when the system is friendly and secure, both international and local investors will invest and tap into the market.


It is now obvious that almost all European nations are moving motions to modify and advance their internet gambling acts. It is being done in such a manner that will give international and local operators the flexibility to operate freely and lawfully too.

The new moves are being proposed to facilitate and improve this sector even better, and therefore the possibility of the abolishment of old and unproductive Gambling acts is greatly anticipated.

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