A Sneak preview of the most amazing things that happened inside the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour…

Position Player Prize
9th Harry Ross £5,740
8th Chris Byrne £6,940
7th Paul Rigg £8,450
6th Mark Rubbathan £10,870
5th Ryan Plant £14,790
4th Craig Drew £21,730
3rd Rob Bickley £34,110
2nd Richard Kellett £70,000*
1st Ben Maregedze £69,470*

Table 1: Players and Prize Money

For the guaranteed event of £200,000 on the second day, the number of successful players was 101. Those who made it through the two starting flights were 920, and 9 of the players, who only received 16 big blinds, chose to buy in for £1,110 before the second day.

One of the players who was successful even in the second day was Tom Middleton, who is the Previous EPT (European Poker Tour) Barcelona champion, however, he did not make it to the prize money. In addition, Triple Crown winner March Foggin or Niall Farrell as well as Second place winner Steve Warburton, did not receive the money either.

Although Robert Boon has three runner-up finishes and has won up to $632,965, surprisingly, the 31st position was secured by Boon in GUKPT. In this context, we think there will be some time until he receives his title of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Main Event.

The players Damien Wain and Ludovic Geilich of the Team Partpoker’s, the player Rick Trigg of Team Grosvenor, as well as Keith Johnson and Rehman Kassam were the only participants left for the prize money nomination when Boon exited the game. The players of the Team partypoker received £2,410 and secured 21st position. There were only 14 players left towards the end of the play.

The finals approached rather quickly after those 14 players returned on the 10th of March. Firstly Dan Foskett lost the match, and then Richard Herbert, Ryan O’Sullivan and Mick Fletcher followed him respectively. Finally, with a 10-big blind shove, Fraser MacIntyre also lost to Robert Bickley.

Seat Player Chips
9 Ryan Plant 979,000
8 Harry Ross 100,000
7 Mark Rubbathan 508,000
6 Ben Maregedze 1,063,000
5 Chris Byrne 148,000
4 Paul Rigg 1,229,000
3 Craig Drew 292,000
2 Rob Bickley 725,000
1 Richard Kellett 1,140,000

Table 2: 2019 GUKPT Manchester Main Event Final Table Seat Draw

The ninth place was secured by Harry Ross of Short stack, who received £5,740. Up till now, this was the biggest live event that Ross participated in. Chris Bryne joined Ross on the sideline however, Richard Kellet won a flip against Bryne. For the 8th place that was secured by Bryne, he received a total of £6,940. If we consider Bryne’s main event seat in a £22 satellite, it is safe to say that he played very well in this event.

Paul Rigg secured the 7th place, he lost against Plant. Rigg made £8,450, while Plant’s balance increased to 1,400,000.

Mark Rubbathan was the first player who received a five-figure prize money. Bickley’s ace-jack in hand did not let Rubbathan’s ace-ten get there, he ended up with £10,870. Rubbathan was before Plant, as Kellet’s jacks cracked Plant’s aces. Plan finally made a score for £14,790 score and came in 5th.

Craig Drew was tested when Bickley entered the game and played efficiently. Despite Drew’s great efforts, he lost to Bickley and came in 4th in the event.

Bickley found himself in danger while playing with Bickley. The professional moves made by Kellett took him Bickely by surprise and as obvious, he did not survive and lost the match.

The leftover prize pool was decided to be split by Ben Maregedze and Kellet. Thus, to determine who deserved the trophy, they decided to have a single game. Maregedze won as he had six-five with a six on the turn against Kellett’s all-in hand ace-four.

The results for the GUKPT event were announced after Maregedze was done with the Grosvenor 25/25 series event in United Kingdom and came in fourth which earned him £17,081.

In Edinburgh, from 31st March to 7th April, the next Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is going to be held. The venue for the 3rd round of 2019’s event is the Grosvenor Casino Maybury in which a £560 buy-in £100,000 guaranteed Main Event are included.

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